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Horse Riding in Shropshire, UKYou couldn’t ask for a better place to ride than Shropshire. If you want to find out about the best places to walk, trot or canter, this is the site for you. That’s because we’ve packed it full of information, from where to ride to where to stay.

If your horse could get online, this site would be top of its favourites list!

Shropshire is blessed with over 600 miles of byways and bridleways, crisscrossing their way through the countryside. And what countryside! In the south we have the horse-friendly peaks of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In the north, a varied lowland of canals, rivers, meres and mosses giving way to the ancient hills of the Shropshire-Wales border.

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"Riding's a joy! For me I Ride" Robert Browning

Everybody rides

Everybody Horse Rides in ShropshireShropshire is home to more than 20 horse riding centres, so there's something for all ages and abilities. Try an endurance ride over the Shropshire hills and dales, day rides, tuition for cross country, dressage, side saddle and jumping. There are childrens’ horse riding summer camps and B&Bs for you, your horses and the rest of the family.

Find a horse ride to suit you

Find a Shropshire horse ride to Suit YouTo find a ride to suit you, why not use our riding route search? Each ride is guaranteed to offer the best of Shropshire Riding. We’ll be adding more rides as the site develops.

Undiscovered Secrets in Shropshire

Undiscovered Secret for Horse Riders in ShropshireDon’t expect to be crowded out. For most of the year you’ll find many of our hills, valleys, riversides, fields and woods only lightly populated. It’s the ultimate 'get away from everything' experience.

Horse Riding Holidays

Riding Holidays in ShropshireIf all of this sounds too good to miss why not come and visit us for a little longer. This site is a one stop shop for planning a riding holiday or short break in Shropshire. It has rides to suit most levels of abilities and places to stay on your route, click here to visit our accommodation search.

Horse Riding Events and Activities

Horse Riding Events and Festivals in ShropshireThe stunning Shropshire countryside hosts riding events throughout the year. Experience the thrill of pounding hooves at Ludlow Races or the exhilaration of the cross country phase at Weston Park Horse Trails. Go on a fun ride or take part in one of the local shows. Use our event search to find out what's available.

Refuelling for Your Horse and You

Refuelling For You & Your Horse in ShropshireAfter bedding down your horse down for a comfy night in the straw, you’ll deserve a fine dinner. Shropshire is stuffed with charming village pubs,eateries and some lovely little boutique shops - perfect for finding some cute horsey gifts to take back home! It also boasts some of the best restaurants in the UK. Many of our restaurants use the best of our home grown fare, from venison steaks to goat’s cheeses, there’s plenty for all palates.

Shropshire’s wine and real ale is also renowned. There’s nothing better than good food and drink to set yourself up for a day in the saddle.