Shropshire Riding
Riding in Shropshire

Useful Information

Riding in ShropshireIf you're looking for information on what to wear, The Countryside Code or other tips to do with riding , we have the information here. You can also find an extensive selection of free route leaflet/maps through our riding route search facility, plus we have details of other maps and books for sale.

Once in Shropshire we have information on how to get around the county (when you are not riding!)

We also have all of the latest riding news in Shropshire and some helpful links/contacts for you.

You can download a leaflet that is designed to provide horse riders, and those cyclists that like to get off-road, with some advice on where they can go. It is by no means exhaustive and further information can be
obtained from the various organisations detailed on the back of the leaflet.

Click here to download the leaflet